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Quarterly Newsletter 7/2023

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas awarded a grant to Drs. Lorraine Reitzel (TTTF Professor) and Maggie Britton (TTTF Assistant Professor) to expand the TTTF program through a project titled, “Taking Texas Tobacco Free: Dissemination to and Implementation within Lung Cancer Screening Programs.” We'd also like to highlight that TTTF recently supported Hungry Hill Foundation in enhancing enforcement of their tobacco-free policy. Lastly, congratulations to two TTTF staff on their acceptance to medical school!

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Quarterly Newsletter 4/2022

TTTF was recently honored in the CPRIT 2021 Annual Report for its innovative, effective work in cancer prevention! In addition to this huge honor, we are welcoming two new substance use treatment centers - Endeavors® and Plainview Serenity Center, Inc. - and an organization serving women-led families coming out of homelessness - Saint Louise House.

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Quarterly Newsletter 10/2021

Dr. Lorraine Reitzel (TTTF Director) and the TTTF team were recently awarded a grant from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas titled, “Taking Texas Tobacco Free: Dissemination to and Implementation within Agencies Serving Texans Experiencing Homelessness.”

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Quarterly Newsletter 4/2021

We're excited to announce new “Train-the-Trainer” Resources for Dissemination. This includes a step-by-step implementation guide that details how to implement the training program and includes the curriculum, survey instruments, and additional resources used throughout TTTF’s rollout of the program. 


Quarterly Newsletter 10/2020

This quarter we partnered with new centers and provided Tobacco Education Training to their clinical staff as part of our "Train the Trainer" program. We're also spotlighting various trainings our TTTF staff delivered, as well as their latest publications! Read all about their research, trainings, and more of TTTF’s progress.


Quarterly Newsletter 7/2022

Congratulations to TTTF Research Assistant Professor, Dr. Isabel Martinez Leal, on her latest publication! Dr. Martinez Leal recently had her first authored article titled, “Collaborative Learning: A Qualitative Study Exploring Factors Contributing to a Successful Tobacco Cessation Train-the-Trainer Program as a Community of Practice” published in IJERPH. This article highlights contributors to the implementation of TTTF’s Train-the-Trainer program.

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Quarterly Newsletter 1/2022

TTTF has welcomed several new agencies to our ongoing projects and is continuing to recruit additional substance use treatment centers and health centers located in/serving individuals from rural Texas. Along with numerous accolades, the TTTF team would also like to extend a warm welcome to our newest member - Ms. Kimberly Skeene, RN, BSN!

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Quarterly Newsletter 7/2021

Dr. Lorraine Reitzel (TTTF Director) was recently awarded a grant from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas to expand the TTTF program through a project titled, “Taking Texas Tobacco Free among Substance Users within Community-based Healthcare Settings in Rural and Medically Underserved Areas Across Texas.”


Quarterly Newsletter 1/2021

This quarter got off to a great start with Dr. Lorraine Reitzel (TTTF Director) presenting on the mechanisms and impact of TTTF to University of Houston (UH) employees and staff as part of a webinar series. In addition, we had new Train-the-Trainer program champions, as well as new website resources!


Inaugural Newsletter 05/2020

We're excited to inform you that TTTF now has a quarterly newsletter. Read about what TTTF is doing during the COVID19 pandemic, exciting news regarding our grant expansion, new partnerships, and more!
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