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In this study, we propose to create, disseminate, and implement a TTTF evidence-based tobacco control training curriculum that will facilitate long-term, competent, center-led delivery of staff and clinician education about evidence-based practices (EBPs) for tobacco control in these settings.  The TTTF curriculum will be delivered through new employee, annual, and in-service training events, which will ensure that embedded expertise on EBPs for tobacco control is not jeopardized over time through staff turnover.


The overall goal is to increase the reach and effectiveness of TTTF through the development of a curriculum and training program for behavioral health treatment setting program champions that, through its dissemination and implementation, will facilitate and increase the delivery of ongoing center-led education about EBPs for tobacco control into the foreseeable future.

Current Progress

We are currently working with West Texas Centers and Border Region Behavioral Health Centers to implement our tobacco education initiative within their facilities!

Each center has identified “Program Champions,” who are individuals we are in the process of equipping with the skills and resources needed to deliver effective tobacco cessation trainings to their fellow staff and employees within their respective facilities. We first delivered a 4 hour intensive training to them earlier this year on tobacco use hazards and tobacco cessation treatment through our Train the Trainer Deck. The information covered in this training serves as the basis of what they disseminate when training employees in their own centers. Using a shortened 90 minute version of this deck suited for employee trainings, we then coach them on how to train others and on various strategies to utilize in order to present the information effectively. We also provide additional resources and support along the way to guide them in their efforts as trainers  – this will all be packaged into a Step-by-Step Implementation Guide, which will be released for public use soon!

Training in Action

This video models what a 90-minute tobacco dependence and education training video may look like.  In this training video, viewers will identify the impact smoking and tobacco use has on people living with a mental illness and/or a substance use disorder.  The training illustrates how quitting smoking likely will increase recovery outcomes and health health and financial benefits.  Viewers will also receive information on evidence-based, FDA approved treatments to help people live a tobacco-free life. To view all our videos visit out YouTube channel.

Interactive Tobacco Use & Treatment Training

Below, please find a free, interactive training module that you can use to learn more about addressing tobacco use in behavioral health settings. It should take about 45 minutes to complete. This training is approved through Integral Care for .75 hours of continuing education for LCDC, LSW, LPC and LMFT clinicians.

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TTTF is in the process of tailoring a variety of resources to best meet the needs of behavioral health centers and enhance their capability of creating a sustainable tobacco education program within their facilities. To keep up to date on the development of these resources and when they are available for use on our website, you can sign up for our quarterly TTTF Newsletter below.

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Partnering With Us

Since 2014, TTTF has assisted 23 Local Mental Health Authorities, 18 standalone substance use treatment centers, and 9 community agencies to implement tobacco-free workplace programs and/or begin providing tobacco treatment resources to the people they serve and employ.


TTTF has trained over 11,000 mental health and substance use treatment counselors on treating tobacco dependence and has provided over 30,000 individual boxes of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to centers in our projects.  We have developed an extensive online library of print materials, videos, and practical, step-by-step implementation guides to assist behavioral health and substance use treatment centers to help people break their addiction to tobacco.


In addition, all of these services are 100% free to participating centers.

Successful Partnerships

It would not be possible to achieve the results mentioned above without developing strong working relationships with our community partners, built on a shared commitment to providing high quality, evidence-based treatment services to the people we serve.


TTTF realizes that no two centers are the same and that even individual clinics within a center have unique characteristics, challenges, and specific populations being served.  TTTF works collaboratively with each center to identify their various needs and develop strategies to tailor program implementation to specific centers.  It is through this collaborative approach that TTTF has been able to assist approximately 50 organizations, comprising hundreds of individual clinics, in effectively addressing tobacco dependence and reducing exposure to secondhand smoke.


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