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The tobacco use rate among individuals in opioid use recovery is remarkably high (75%-95%). As such, they are recognized as a priority population for tobacco control and intervention. Despite the detrimental health effects of concurrent use of tobacco and opioids, as well as positive effects of tobacco cessation on opioid treatment outcomes, many opioid treatment programs (OTPs) do not intervene on their patients’ tobacco use.


In PP230078, we propose to disseminate and implement Taking Texas Tobacco Free (also known as OUTPACE Tobacco [Opioid Use Treatment Programs Advancing Cessation Efforts]), a successful, evidence-based tobacco control intervention for cancer prevention that will provide policy and workflow guidance, specialized training, and resources to opioid treatment programs to bolster their ability to provide tobacco cessation and relapse prevention interventions to their patients. Taking Texas Tobacco Free has been previously implemented in substance use treatment centers through PP170070, including in 6 opioid treatment programs. Opioid treatment programs are unique, relative to other substance use treatment settings, due to the complicated relationship between pain and tobacco use for many patients; these differences led us to create a tailored program and resources you can explore using the icons above.

Opioid Treatment Centers that We Worked With

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Partner Centers

1. North Texas Addiction Counseling & Education, Inc.

2. Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center

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