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Training Program

Program Components



We educate all employees - including clinical providers - within behavioral health care and substance use disorder settings on tobacco dependence and the benefits of quitting.


Specialized Training


We provide specialized training to clinicians and prescribers, including Tobacco Treatment Specialist training, Motivational Interviewing, and using pharmacotherapy to treat nicotine dependence within this setting.


Policy Development and Implementation Guidance


We provide examples of tobacco-free campus policies and assist clinics in the creation and implementation of their own.



We provide agencies with education materials, evidence based practice suggestions, and Nicotine Replacement Therapy starter kits for consumers and employees. We are also able to provide custom resources targeted to specific populations, upon request.


Community Outreach


We provide education to community members and organizations through trainings and health fairs, and work with centers to be the hub for community action in assisting other local agencies adopt tobacco-free workplace programs.

This training is brought to you by the Learning and Development Team at Integral Care in partnership with Taking Texas Tobacco Free and the University of Houston’s Health Research Institute.  Partial funding for the development of this training is provided by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.

By the end of this forty-five minute module, you will be able to describe the impact of smoking and tobacco use on individuals living with mental illness, identify how quitting smoking improves physical, psychological, and financial well-being, outline the five A’s and the importance of screening for tobacco use, identify tobacco treatment methods, and list the benefits of tobacco free policies.

As you go through the training, you will be prompted to engage in interactive quizzes, and you will have a chance to apply your knowledge to a real-life scenario at the end. So let’s begin!

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